Travel management services

The world is changing and so is doing business – at an accelerating pace and often taking everyone by surprise. Therefore, travel management and travel policies need new ways of thinking. Modern business travellers’ service expectations are becoming more diverse, personalised and digitalised. We can offer you our expertise and advanced tools that help you keep the expenses and processes under your control.


  • RFP's for travel service providers - strategy and volume
  • When your volume is not enough, American Express GBT offers you ready-to-use advantages
  • Keeping track on results 


Global travel management:

  • Harmonised travel management
  • Consolidated reporting and benchmarking data
  • Programme management



  • We guide, help and support you towards more efficient travel management.
  • Outsourced travel management
  • Consulting and projects
  • Updating the travel and event policies
  • Benchmarking, analysis and comparing suppliers


Finances and savings

  • Travel account payments
  • Automated information transfer
  • System integrations in Finances and HR
  • Contractual fares - company-specific or American Express GBT offering
  • Controlled, centralised bookings

Multichannel booking services

  • Quick, easy and safe online booking as well as an info bank for business traveling are accessible with tablets and mobile phones as well.
  • Bookings and itineraries available for travellers any time, anywhere with mobile devices. 
  • Your service team is always just a click away.


Draw all advantages of your tools

  • We direct and motivate our client companies’ personnel to use the existing tools efficiently.
    • Online webinars
    • Travel management trainings
    • Personalised trainings


Communication and safety  

  • Destination-specific communication and map service
  • Extended safety service
  • Traveller tracking
  • Two-way SMS communication
Check and react


  • Comprehensive and clear reporting helps you understand and analyse your company’s travel. It provides you with meaningful and up-to-date information to support proactive decision making.
    • e.g. Browser-based reporting service
    • Browser-based analysis tool used by the company
    • Personalised reports
    • Sustainability and emissions reports



  • Travel policy is never final. New services, threats and tools require follow-up and adapting to the needs of travellers and travel management. Current trends that you should consider are e.g.
    • ancillary airline fees
    • hidden hotel fees
    • GDPR
    • sharing economy
Case studies

What our clients say on our services?

  • Grupo Alfa wanted to increase their savings was by consolidating all of their subsidiary travel programs. 
  • What makes a good Client Manager? At least good customer knowledge and helpfulness, says Suominen Oyj’s Eeva Oinonen.
  • Travel safety plays an important role at Nordic Investment Bank.
  • How can you keep travel management in check if there are more than thirty units and several thousand travellers? Noora Fils from the City of Helsinki discusses her experiences in coordinating travel and the related communication.
  • Wolt is a technology start-up for which the efficient use of time is important. "We have enough on our plate when we concentrate on developing our services. We have no time to surf around the Web to find cheap flights."